Lit Panels

New for 2018, LED lit panels within our seamless walling directs light to each corner of the car.


Designed to specifically assist mechanics and increase efficiency by concentrating light into the wheel arches on all four corners of the car.


Bring your brand to life! 


From simple cut decals and sponsor stacks in vinyl application to high-resolution designs with intricate detail produced using the latest direct to substrate print technology.





Shelving & Desks

Engineer workstations, desk systems and flush toolbox openings can be easily integrated into seamless walling according to team requirements.

Helmet Shelving

Standard helmet shelves provide space for two helmets. 


Delivered switched and assembled with LED lighting and cooling fans, these plug and play units enhance garage aesthetics and provide the perfect place to cool and dry driver helmets between sessions.

LED Logos

LED logos can be either integrated into our seamless walling or mounted as a 3D stand-alone unit. 


LED light ensures minimal heat build-up, with vibrant colour for maximum effect.

TV Integration

TV panels for live circuit feeds and timing screens can be specified as required from 19" to 55" LED TV's fully integrated into our walling panels.




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